FinTech and Blockchains

Graduate course (Data Science MSc), Bocconi University, 2019

This is a hands-on introduction to FinTech and Blockchains for future data scientists. The course has the following objectives:

  • teach blockchain and its technological foundations in a hands-on, code-driven approach
  • explore the disruptive potential of digital transformation for financial intermediation
  • discuss machine learning strategies that future data scientists should know for FinTech lending and insurance underwriting.
  • enable students to run their first project of their own and explore creatively.
  • develop the necessary coding skills on the side.

The course is taught as a mix of lectures and lab sessions which teach applied, more technical skills.

Lecture slides

Below you can find links to the lecture slides. Any feedback is welcome.

Lecture 01Syllabus // Introduction to FinTechLab 01Computing for Financial Applications
Lecture 02Financial IntermediationLab 02Setting up the environment (cont.)
Lecture 03Payment Technology // Foundations of BlockchainLab 03Binary Representations and Merkle Trees
Lecture 04Blockchain: BitcoinLab 04Setting up Bitcoin
Lecture 05Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain SecurityLab 05Writing our own blockchain (I)
Lecture 06Smart Contracts, Tokens and ICOs  
Lecture 07Distributed Ledgers, Facebook Libra